"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."
-Helen Keller


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Lynndel Schuurman
​Powerful journey of self-discovery that seeks to encourage you, instill hope, and help you as you reclaim yourself.

A deeper layer of my pain body has come to visit me yet again yesterday.

Part of my journey has been to learn how to exercise again, and not have this healthy stimulation elicit a trauma response. 


Someone recently shared with me that the were able to see an innocence within me. My initial thought to this was one of surprise. Really, how could this be? This made me realize that As I open deeper into forgiving myself, I understand 

Saying goodbye to honor me,
Starting fresh
Stepping into my Truth with power and softness.
Silently at first I walk,
my head held high
My wings outstretched and glistening...

I sit here at my keyboard a little apprehensive in writing this, in introducing to you who I am, and why I’m sharing. My inner critic, my ego, are once again badgering me with self doubt and criticism. The truth being that I feel like I have just woken from a deep sleep and the...


Lately I have found myself feeling a bit speechless. The words have not been coming to me and my writing has stopped. Over the last few years the words, feelings, and tears have spilled out onto the pages. . They  brought me much healing, understanding, ...

Powerlessness…. Another layer of this feeling has shown up for me to work through these last couple of weeks as new experiences arise in my life. This feeling stems back from the abuse and has been intertwined in my life. This feeling that I had as a small child as being...

I have come to love, appreciate and hold gratitude for my body in a whole new way this week. I am able to recognize my wholeness and see my pain body for what it is, a messenger to me. My body is not my enemy, trying to punish  me, or make me...

I have been observing my behavior and reactions to situations and people around me, and that of others recently. I listen to my clients, friends, family, and strangers as they speak.  I witnessed a common theme which led me  to the question, why do we take...
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